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Last night when I found our son had fallen asleep in bed reading, my first thought was, "Is it too late to call Daryl - she has to know about this!" Thanks to the hard work Alex has done with Daryl's guidance, he is more confident and reading is becoming more a part of his life.

Karen & Jim, Parents
San Jose, CA

"I'm happy to report that Will’s teacher e-mailed me at lunch to let me know he had an excellent day today! On Saturday we went to the library and he was eagerly reading on and off all weekend long. I know that some of his difficulties with school have to do with his reading, so the help you are giving him really carries much farther. Thank you!"

Gabriella, Parent
Los Altos, CA


“We are really encouraged with all of the progress already made by Enzo this year. We can tell that his attitude toward school and learning has improved tremendously. He no longer dreads going into class and now looks forward to many of the activities offered throughout the day. We’re excited about his advancement from LiPS to Barton and about his growing confidence in his own capabilities! Thank you, thank you!”

Allison and Colleen, Parents
San Jose, CA


“I have seen a vast improvement in Ryan’s reading and self-confidence. He even volunteered to read in front of the whole class a few times. This is very exciting!”

Tricia Bagnas, Third Grade Teacher
Discovery Charter School, San Jose, CA


“I tested Amir today with the standard reading record required by the district and he is at benchmark level; so I am very happy. I know that is due to your work with him. He is so much more confident, and his skills have improved dramatically. Thank you.”

Lisa Rice, First Grade Teacher
Nimitz Elementary School, Sunnyvale, CA


“I just wanted to let you know how Rob and I are amazed by how well Ryan is reading and comprehending. It’s such a joy to have him read to me. When he is reading it’s just flowing. He reads every morning in the car on the way to school. I love it! We appreciate all you do for Ryan. Thank you.”

Valerie and Rob, Parents
San Jose, CA


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Daryl as a colleague and friend for many years. She is a superb organizer and communicator and has a passion for encouraging success in others, whether those be entrepreneurial software developers, powerhouse marketing experts, or young students with reading difficulties (and their concerned parents). Above all, Daryl has great integrity and compassion. She is dedicated to getting expected results and will work as much as needed to surmount any obstacles that come up in the process. She is a gifted teacher and I trust her knowledge, judgment, and skill immensely. I must also say that I wish there were more reading tutors like her available!"

Robert Loftis, Parent
Cupertino, CA


Daryl Ragan, Certified Barton tutor, South Bay area including: Campbell, Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Gatos, San Jose, Santa Clara, Saratoga & Sunnyvale