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The Dyslexia Warning Signs sound a lot like my child. Now what?

If you think your child could benefit from this specialized instruction from a reading tutor, please call for a complimentary consultation. We’d welcome the opportunity to talk to you and learn more about your child.

Do we need to have a formal diagnosis of dyslexia before starting tutoring?

With a properly screened student, a formal diagnosis of dyslexia is not necessary for tutoring to be effective. However, if you’re planning to have your child diagnosed, doing so within six months of the start of tutoring is strongly recommended since effective tutoring will impact learning disability diagnosis results.

How often will my child need to meet with a private reading tutor?

Effective tutoring for a child with a reading disability is not a “quick fix” and will require a minimum of twice a week tutoring.

How long will it take to see results?

You can expect to begin to see slow steady progress within three months after the start of tutoring. It’s common to first see a change in attitude and self-confidence followed by a steady improvement in reading skills and reading pleasure.

What’s my role once I’ve hired a reading tutor?

Tutoring is only part of the solution for bringing a student’s reading skills up to grade level. As a parent or guardian, you’ll continue to be your child’s best and strongest advocate, to read to your child at home, and to interface with your child’s teacher and any other support professionals. DRagan Tutors provides client families support and suggestions for creative ways to develop your child’s love of reading at home.

What are your fees?

DRagan Tutors’ fees are consistent with local rates for specialized reading tutoring.

Is the time and expense really worth it?

Hiring a specialized reading tutor is a big commitment for your child and family but the rewards are significant and life-changing for your child and family!

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